Market Spotlight: Family Office Investor Cybersecurity with Drawbridge

September 20, 2021

Whether your family office investment firm is single or multifamily, complex cyberthreats are lurking around every corner. This is true of any firm handling private information and assets. It is your duty to have the right solutions in place to mitigate cybersecurity threats. Data breaches and cyberattacks of any kind can be damaging to a…

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Service Spotlight: The Rise in Data Breaches and Data Privacy

September 17, 2021

Throughout the global COVID-19 pandemic, there have been an increasing number of cyber-attacks and breaches occurring across numerous industries. These attacks may in part be due to the need for industries to adapt to an online landscape, but there have also been prevailing advances to the technologies that malicious parties use to conduct their attacks.…

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Market Spotlight: The Necessities of Cybersecurity in Real Estate

September 16, 2021

Within the complex real estate industry, investors and operators are at more risk than ever for potential breaches to cybersecurity programs. It has become increasingly necessary for real estate firms to shore-up cybersecurity through use of new technologies and meeting federal requirements. It is the position of Drawbridge that the complex nature of individual firms…

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Service Spotlight: Track and Organize Your Cybersecurity Program with Drawbridge

September 15, 2021

Strong cybersecurity programs are often those that are tested regularly, prepared for potential breaches, and are able to be tracked with ease. The expert team at Drawbridge understands this well, and with an unparalleled understanding of the nature of cybersecurity and the potential threats your firm may face, Drawbridge can suit any firm’s needs. Cyber-attacks…

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Cybersecurity News: How Cybersecurity Can Future Proof Businesses

September 14, 2021

With growing cyberattacks throughout the world, and across numerous industries, it has become more important than ever for businesses to defend themselves. This defense can take many forms, but primarily, businesses would do well to secure and bolster cybersecurity procedures. It is particularly true of businesses advancing further into the technology industry that cybersecurity should…

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Market Spotlight: Allocator Insight with Drawbridge’s Purpose-Built Software

September 6, 2021

Allocators, investors, and firm partners who require information on prospective cybersecurity risks can utilize Drawbridge’s purpose-built software for easy and effective insight into potential threats. The goal of Drawbridge’s software is for allocators to be able to easily evaluate cybersecurity risks, including the ability to conduct due diligence in real time. When an allocator is…

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Cybersecurity News: New Guidance Against Ransomware

September 3, 2021

Throughout the global COVID-19 pandemic, reliance on web-based services has strongly increased. With this comes several downsides in regards to cybersecurity, and this is certainly true of the threat of ransomware. Ransomware comes in many variations and can target anything from personal data, to bank account information, and more. Malicious parties causing these breaches of…

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Service Spotlight: Portfolio Companies and Identifying Threats with Drawbridge

September 2, 2021

As noted by Drawbridge’s experienced cybersecurity team, portfolio companies and their Private Equity / Venture Capital owners find themselves at heightened risk for cybersecurity breaches of all kinds These cyber attacks, which are often costly and disruptive to business, are becoming more frequent in recent years, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is important to…

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The SEC has Announced Charges against Deficient Cybersecurity Procedures

August 31, 2021

On this day, August 30, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has sanctioned multiple firms in three actions for failures in both cybersecurity policies and procedures. These failures resulted in large data breaches, causing thousands of email account takeovers for clients and customers. These sanctioned firms have agreed to settle the charges. In one instance,…

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Market Spotlight: Hedge Funds and Identifying Vulnerabilities with Drawbridge

August 31, 2021

Among the industries that require cybersecurity, hedge funds are some of the most susceptible to potential breaches. From ransomware to privacy attacks, it is important that a hedge fund has a plan in place to both respond to potential breaches, as well as to defend from them in the first place. The threat landscape targeting…

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Service Spotlight: Keep Data Private with The DrawbridgeConnect Platform

August 29, 2021

Drawbridge’s respected cybersecurity team understands the importance of data privacy, particularly when it comes to protecting your firm’s data from breaches. Data breaches and other forms of cyberattacks have been mounting throughout the United States. Because of this, federal pressure to enhance cybersecurity requirements for firms has been steadily increasing. According to the Storage Networking…

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Cybersecurity News: Avoiding The Growing Threat of Ransomware

August 28, 2021

Ransomware has been advancing at a seemingly boundless rate throughout the global pandemic, and no industry is better equipped to face these changes to private data breaches than cybersecurity. In simplest terms, ransomware is a form of malware that renders a device unusable for the owner. This is typically followed up by demands of ransom…

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