Market Spotlight: The Necessity of Cybersecurity for Venture Capital Firms

Investment firms of all types are at a risk for data breaches. In this modern era, firms are dealing with personal and financial information often at a digital level.

Because of this, the risk for potential cyber-attacks increases, and the manner with which malicious parties attack these firms are in constant flux.

Venture capital firms make for particularly notable targets, and because of this your firm should be thorough with cybersecurity procedures.

One of many issues that can lead to cybersecurity-risk is that of third-party vendors. Oftentimes if security protocols are not up to the standards of your firm, these third-parties can put your firm at risk. Securing these third parties is a necessity.

The cybersecurity experts at Drawbridge understand that third-party relationships are a growing threat. Vendor due-diligence programs have become a necessity for firms today to be able to function alongside their third parties. Vendor due diligence allows for assurances that your cybersecurity protocols can be matched, or even surpassed by your third party vendors. Typically, these vendors must provide evidence that their programs meet expectations.

Venture capital firms also require cybersecurity protocols for employees. Training when it comes to these protocols and systems put in place that allow for these employees to report or monitor potential breaches is key in having a safe digital workplace.

The Drawbridge platform is perfect for venture capital firms looking to shore-up cybersecurity procedures. Drawbridge allows for the easy management of vendor due diligence programs and procedures as well, giving your firm peace of mind in the third party vendors you have partnered with.

Drawbridge’s unique software can allow your firm to prosper with cybersecurity suited for you. Schedule a demo with Drawbridge today to learn more about how your cybersecurity needs can be met!