Become A Drawbridge Partner Firm

Grow your business by delivering best-in-class cybersecurity services and solutions.

Drawbridge allows Sales Partners to receive the resources and support needed to grow their business. We provide cybersecurity services to allow firms to bridge the gap between IT Security and Cyber Compliance in an effective and cost-efficient manner. We are dedicated to assisting MSPs, Consulting Firms, IT Solutions Providers, and System Integrators to succeed in the area of cybersecurity.

Why Choose Drawbridge Partners

Revenue Generation

Drawbridge offers multiple products and solutions that give firms the flexibility to manage all aspects of their cybersecurity program while maintaining absolute oversight and transparency. You will be able to add multiple cybersecurity services and product-oriented revenue channels, in addition to providing added value to your client base.

Better Than The Rest

The DrawbridgeConnect-R™ platform provides an ongoing comprehensive program that will analyze the vulnerabilities of an organization in a continuous manner rather than a point-in-time vulnerability assessment. Clients receive an institutional security service to provide consistent and continuous checks on their IT environment.

Service is Key

Drawbridge delivers solutions as managed services in order to provide the most value possible. Firms will have access to the Drawbridge team to assist every step of the way.

Partners Receive a Core Offering


Drawbridge provides vulnerability scanning on the Firm’s external and internal network on an ongoing basis.


DrawbridgeConnect-R™ will highlight all vulnerabilities on the Firm's external and internal networks.


Through our comprehensive user interface and reporting engine, visualize your vulnerability management program to stay updated and on time with tasks and remediation.

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