Secure Your Investments

Portfolio companies are the target of cyber attackers. Breaches can be costly and cause significant business interruptions and downtime. The DrawbridgeConnect platform helps portfolio companies build a strong cybersecurity program, and gives their private equity sponsors full transparency. 


Document Your Risks

The purpose of a portfolio company cyber risk assessment is to help private equity sponsors and portfolio company management make informed decisions about security. The way to do that is to identify the following:

Relevant threats to the organization

Technology risks to the organization

Control risks to the organization

Gaps in the organization’s cybersecurity program

Impact of a security incident

Roadmap to meeting industry frameworks, cyber regulations, and best practices

Manage the POrtfolio Company cyber due diligence process from end to end

Gain insight into the current state of your portfolio companies' cybersecurity programs and where improvements may be needed to protect against cybersecurity breaches.


Pre-deal cyber risk assessment

As part of your due diligence practices, conduct a pre-deal cyber risk assessment on a prospective portfolio company. 


Active Portfolio Company Cyber Risk Assessment

Gain insight into active portfolio company cyber risk through the DrawbridgeConnect platform. 


Ongoing Portfolio Company Cyber Program Management

Meet cybersecurity program standards, conduct ongoing vulnerability management, and continuously assess the risk environment through DrawbridgeConnect and Connect-R.

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