Conduct a Cyber Risk Assessment

Assess your Firm’s Cybersecurity practices based on regulatory requirements, industry frameworks, and risks specific to your business.

Why a Risk Assessment?

Regular cybersecurity risk assessments are imperative to assure regulators, investors, and board members that your firm is protecting and managing confidential data correctly and in the most prudent manner possible.

According to NIST, risk assessments are used to identify, estimate, and prioritize risk to organizational operations (i.e., mission, functions, image, and reputation), organizational assets, individuals, and other organizations, resulting from the operation and use of information systems.


Document Your Risks

The purpose of a cyber risk assessment is to help management make informed decisions about security. The way to do that is to identify the following:

Relevant threats to the organization

Technology risks to the organization

Control risks to the organization

Gaps in the organization’s cybersecurity program

Impact of a security incident

Roadmap to meeting industry frameworks, cyber regulations, and best practices

Reasons to perform a cyber risk assessment

It is important to understand why you need a comprehensive risk assessment plan in order to implement a successful risk assessment policy.

Reduce long-term costs

Reduce long-term costs by preventing potential security incidents.

Create Essential Awareness

Greater awareness around your technology and security program.

Avoid breaches and incidents

Avoid breaches and other security incidents by determining your risks ahead of time, and putting a plan in place to close those gaps.

Meet Compliance Requirements

Compliance requirements are important to know and implement in order to stay in business.

Meet Insurance Requirements

Insurance requirements have changed dramatically over the recent years. Meet those requirements easily and efficiently with DrawbridgeConnect.

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