Analyze Continuously

Conducting point in time vulnerability assessments can leave enormous gaps in a firm's defense against cyber threats. DrawbridgeConnect-R™will close these gaps by identifying and remediating vulnerabilities in a continuous manner.


Remediate From Anywhere

Now with our modular application, users are able to check vulnerabilities in real time from anywhere, anytime.

Continuous Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management with DrawbridgeConnect-R™ is an ongoing, comprehensive program that analyzes the vulnerabilities of an organization in a continuous manner, rather than a point in time vulnerability assessment.

Efficient Data Aggregating

Regardless of whether your network is on-premise or in the cloud, DrawbridgeConnect-R™ provides vulnerability scanning on the Firm’s internal and external network on an ongoing basis and aggregates data highlighting, but not limited to, the following:

Missing Patches

Operating System Vulnerabilities

End of Life Detection

Software Vulnerabilities

Configuration Mistakes

Weak Passwords / Default Credentials

Remote Code Execution

SSL / TLS Vulnerabilites

SSH Vulnerablities

Timing is Everything

It is essential that remediation be conducted before hackers can exploit weaknesses. In order for remediation to be effective, this must be a continuous process between Security and IT.

DrawbridgeConnect-R™ does just this.

Connect-R is the new vulnerability Management standard

Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMAAS) is secure, reliable, and easy with Drawbridge's Connect-R™ platform.

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